Unfortunately for the time being there are no more adult classes. February 2020

Hazel will be running an exciting  mixed media art class on Thursday evenings at The Art Stables light and airy studios in Finchley.  You will use a wide variety of media where you can work in sketchbooks or on paper. Your studies can then be used to develop a more in-depth piece of work. Use your own ideas as a starting point or Hazel will bring exciting resources to inspire you. Hazel enables you to achieve high quality outcomes and work you can be proud of.

You will gain confidence as you develop formal art skills and explore painting, drawing, print and collage media. Class sizes allow for individual personalised tuition. Everyone works at a different pace and you can continue with a theme or media over several weeks to suit you.

Student Gallery




Beginners and experienced artists welcome as Hazel has taught art for almost 25 years in secondary schools and is able to break down learning to make art accessible for all. She demonstrates techniques step by step and prepares high quality examplars. She has a masters degree in contemporary art and education and is able to stretch more experienced students and allow all to develop their potential creative skills.

Alongside creating your own artwork, Hazel will connect your learning with the work of known artists and will provide relevant handouts.

See@theartist4education for updates and reviews

Please use the contact form below or email if you have any queries or would like to be added to the mailing list.

Recommended materials: Brushes, round and flat, a fine liner pen, a charcoal pencil, 4b & 6b pencil and a set of watercolours. Please bring a sketchbook if you wish to work in it, A3 is a good size (Pink Pig have a good selection). 

Please be aware, some media will not come off clothing, so you may wish to bring an apron.


© 2018 Hazel Lopatkin

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